Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the ending that begins the story...

We named him Caleb Robert.

It isn't the name we had chosen for him the week before, when we were planning for a "normal" baby...a baby who would come into the world the same way his or her, (we never wanted to know, boy or girl, before the baby was born), brother and sister had entered our lives, screaming, kicking and making me puke my guts out to the point that I have actually never been able to hold my newborn children because I have been so afraid of barfing on them. I always had to wait for the morphine to wear off (c-sections)...another blog, another day.

We named him Caleb Robert.

I'll post the whole story in pieces, as I find the words.


Coggy said...

I came across your blog from Dead Baby Jokes. Kalakly I'm so, so sorry that you don't have Caleb with you. My heart sinks every time someone new has to join this club.
It's good that you're blogging. There are so many women out here that can support you through this nightmare journey.
I'm so sorry Kalakly.

Ashleigh said...

What a beautiful name. I am so sorry he isnt with you. As hard as it was writing out Owen's story (and it was AWFUL) I really think it helped me. Now I am happy I have it there.