Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yea, I suck at blogging

I didn't intentionally abandoned this place. I got caught up in some chaos here with my kids school, think David v Goliath, and have just been consumed by the entirety of it. I'm slowly making my way back. I have been following everyone, not always leaving word but still, quietly stalking.
And waiting, holding my breath, happily, with so many of you who have found yourselves daring to look forward, despite all efforts to keep the blinders firmly in place. Time marches on, no matter how much we might will it to stand still. So yes, now we wait. And even dare to hope.
For now, I leave you with these images. Because sometimes, it's better to, as Nik.e says, "just do it", rather than be bothered with the formalities of the little things, like ummm, actually lying down, when you want to make it happen.