Thursday, June 26, 2008

On This Day

On the 26th day in the month of June in the year 1997 many wondrous events took place on the planet Earth.
On this day the sun arrived in a welcome flourish of pinks and golds.
On this day in icy rivers salmon spawned luminous eggs destined for distant seas.
And in the town of xxxx CA love swelled in the hearts of and mr.
On this day flowers bloomed in the garden, unfolding fruits in bursts of lively colors.
On this day soft clouds clung together creating mountains across the sky.
A little one was coming.
On this day a nest of ducklings was guarded proudly by a mallard...
and a lioness nuzzled her wet cubs in a warm, secluded den.
On this day at 12:30a.m. Earth paused so that dreams could be delivered.
Cries filled the room while eight lbs thirteen oz were swaddled close for comfort.
On this day a special boy named C was toasted by the man in the moon and an array of brightening stars.*

Happy 11th Birthday to my beautiful boy. I have always been unbelievably grateful to have you in my life, and this year more than ever before, I realize how truly lucky I am that you made it here safely.
May your life be long and filled with love and may you never know any more heartache than what life has already shown you.
All my love to you, forever and for always.

*Andree Dolin


Aunt Becky said...

Happy Birthday 11! It's going to be a great year, I can FEEL it.

c. said...

Beautiful, K.

Happy Birthday, C.

janis said...

I loved this post. just beautiful.
Happy Birthday to C!

Rosalind said...

Happy belated 11th C!!

kate said...

Happy Birthday, C. I hope it was a fun one!

Oh, and K -- your comment on my blog made me laugh. Indeed it was extremely unpleasant for me to have to type those words!

Coggy said...

Belated Happy 11th Birthday C!!!!!

Beautiful post Kal.

Angelisa said...

Beautiful post, mamma.

Happy belated 11th, C!

a- said...

Totally sweet K. :) Thanks for the nudge-go check now. God help us all.

Julia said...

Happy belated birthday!
What a beautiful post.