Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Because nothing is ever easy...

So to add more stress to my already over worked mental state, my good girlfriend dropped by this afternoon to let me know that her daughter does not have an allergy to strawberries as we had suspected the past few days. Nope, the rash we observed on her little body, the one I am around all of the time, is a result of 5ths disease. yep, lucky me, I have been exposed....fuck.

I talked to my doctor who thinks, 1) I am 16 weeks and so far no symptoms, so that's good. 2) Really nothing I can do unless I develop symptoms 3) I am due for my next ultrasound in two weeks, we will check baby then, 4) If I develop symptoms, then get the blood work to confirm diagnosis and then the only 'treatment' would be monthly ultrasounds to check for hydra-something or other (what a good patient I am, I can't even remember what it is I should be worried about).

So now in addition to my everyday worry about the obvious, I get to sprinkle this on top. I know this isn't a "pg" board and I hate to go on and on here about this but you are my support group. Any advice or anti-worry words about this whole thing you can send my way would be very much appreciated by me and my aching heart.

I just keep going back to that one conversation I had with my husband so many moons ago, "Let's go for a third!" we said and I thought to myself how great it would be to add another baby to our lives. What I didn't know, of course, was that our third child would never join our lives, he would be born still. And now as we try, again, to add another life to our world, it has become painfully obvious that nothing, will ever be easy, again.


G said...

Oh for fucks sake. I am sorry hun, I will keep you and the wee one in my thoughts and my prayers. This is going to be ok. I am sorry K@l, this additional stress is not what you need. :(

~G hugs

Reese said...

Ditto G's sentiment---

There is a VERY good chance that you have immunity to it already. The older we get, the more likely that you have been exposed, especially if you have been around young children in the past.

No symptoms is good. DEMAND a serum IgG and IgM for parvovirus B19 when you go to your next appointment. IgG+ (past immunity) and rise in IgM (current infection/exposure).

Keeping fingers crossed that it's IgG+ and neg IgM.

Reese (your resident phd microbio/immunology geek) ;)

Tash said...

fuck. I'm so sorry. I hate that these stupid overly-contagious childhood bullshit things equal BABY TRAUMA. hate it. I mean, how on earth do we survive as a species?

I will simmer down now, and pray you can do the same. do what Reese said. And they may look for an echogenic bowel at the next u/s -- it's usually a marker for infection. (But don't freak, because it's also a marker for absolutely nothing. Hmph.)

We should all get subsequent pregnancies that read like glossy movies. This is completely unfair.

Aunt Becky said...

I will punch a contagious kid in the head for you, dude. I'm sorry, lover. Just what you fucking needed.

Your possible 5th's disease, my possible cervical cancer, we should take our freak show on the road. At least we can make some money while we worry our asses off.

Love you, dude. Love you lots.

c. said...

Oh, K, I am so sorry. This is awful, crappy, shitty stress you just don't need. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things work out okay. F*ck I know how hard that is to believe, but I'm holding out hope for you and that wannabe third live baby. XOXOXO.

Ya Chun said...

Oh, sugar.
Yeah, press your doctor for better tests than just seeing baby's health. They an screen for this before you are symptomatic.
hang in there - can you have someone sterilize your house surfaces and kids toys, etc?

Angelisa said...

Oh, sweets,

I'm so sorry that you have this added stress. It makes me so *angry*! It is a good sign that you don't have any symptoms. Just keep doing what you're doing. Sounds dumb, I know...but I mean, yes, you are right that it's never going to be easy, but you keep going anyway...you brave, brave mamma...I am sending all my love and hope to you and the baby!

Big hugs,

Ashleigh said...

I agree with reese- you should ask/demand to be tested for immunity - at best it would let you let go of this one stress and at worst you would be right where you are right now anyway.

*sigh* i miss the easy days too..

Julia said...

Shit, but this sucks. I am sorry. This subsequent pregnancy thing is hard enough without adding these other things from the outside, things we get no control over, things that are so bloody scary.
As I am a control freak, I would ask for the Ig tests, but you know better what would work for you, so maybe you are cool waiting it out until the us.
Sorry. This really is rather unnecessary. Grrrrrr....

janis said...

Holy creeps... I am so sorry this has to happen!! Keeping fingers crossed for you...

Coggy said...

I'm so angry at the mom's kid for letting the kid go anywhere near you, even if she thought it was strawberries whatever I'm pissed at her. Feeling protective of you here!

I hope that no symptoms are good and that you get the reassurance that everything is OK very very soon.

F'sake like this isn't hard enough without all this crap. x x x

Ange said...

Hi K,

I would love you to talk to me and vent any worries etc. I have some rather strong opinions re this as that is what happened to me with Noah its parvo virus b19..if you want to email me please feel free too...ange.muller@gmail.com

Ange said...

Sorry K that probably sounds all alarming and god knows you are freaked enough. Just perhaps can offer some insiders info as well as want I want to offer is support. Thanks Ange x