Sunday, February 24, 2008

The List

Okay so I am starting mine own silly meme....
Making lists is decidedly more fun than writing or thinking about, well you know. In my previous post, I alluded to my 'list', the one that contains my 'exemptions', people who I am allowed to sleep with, should I encounter them, and it isn't to be counted as cheating on my spouse. To be fair, my husband has never actually agreed to the rules surrounding said list, but I did tell him he could have his own list and should either of us actually find ourselves, unbelievably, in a situation where we might actually have the chance to use our list, we could renegotiate, assuming we felt it appropriate to excuse ourselves from a fantastic sport f*ck opportunity, to call our spouse. No doubt this might dampen the mood, regardless of the outcome of the call and the 'renegotiation', especially if, with my luck, he calls me first.

But I digress.

If I am being completely candid, I have to say that I do reserve the right to update my list, at any given moment, after all you never know who you might run into...

Also, after my last post, and after antigone's comment, I am seriously reconsidering my underwear options. Don't want to get caught with the pants down, if you know what I mean...
So, my list :

1. Brad Pitt. I know, Lame school girl choice. But still. Him, in "A River Runs Through It" me.

2. Anderson Cooper. (CNN news anchor/Gloria Vanderbilt's son) Something about his grey hair, his sarcastic wit and his smarts...Plus who doesn't love a guy that reports on the crisis in Sudan wearing Gucci?? (I suspect he may play for the other team, but a girl can dream)

3. Henry Simmons (aka Detective Baldwin Jones on NYPD Blue) One steamy sex scene on that show and I knew I had to have him. Lordy, Lordy.

4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (NASCAR Driver) I share this one with my sis, Hi sis! wave! Maybe we can get a two for one discount...but he has to leave his hat on, won't work for me otherwise.

5. Robert Redford. "See ya Hubble." Oh, who didn't love 'The Way We Were' over and over again. All that man has to do is speak, his voice gets me every time. I took a nap watching, read listening to, "The Sting", yesterday and had some mighty fine dreams because of it, um, him. He also narrates "A River Runs Through It" and so he may be partially responsible for #1 on my list.
Okay, so there you go....who's on your list????? I am going to "hit" Charmed Girl, Coggy, C. and CLC, with the goods and expect them to pony up, pronto. Make your list ladies and then pass the mission on to at least 3 more and so on and so on...I am always looking for new 'ideas', shall we say???
P.S. Guess what??? Spell check is BACK!!! Yay me!


CLC said...

So glad I got you to spill the beans. I will work on my list tomorrow (while I pretend to work). And AC totally plays for the other team, at least according to Per@z Hilton dot com!

Coggy said...

I'm so glad I checked the post this morning I can not wait to spend my day at work figuring out my list. Thank you!!!!! Perfect start to a Monday.
I'm with you on the list making thing, I was tempted to post a meme too. It's so much less upsetting :o)

Amy said...

I would have to say DE is a must and I agree with the hat thing too! Glad you posted the list! Totally curious as to who you would choose!

c. said...

SHUT UP re: Anderson!!!

I'm working on my list babe. I'm getting all hot and bothered just thinking of who to choose ;o)

Coggy said...

List complete. Oh yeah I have put way too much of my time into it today... thank you ;o)!

c. said...

Oh and when I say SHUT UP, I mean, OMG, that can't be true. I just re-read my comment and just wanted to make sure you didn't think I was actually trying to shut you up ;o/

Sorry, Kalakly. I'll stop commenting here now.

G said...

Funny, the pic of Brad Pitt and Robert Redford look a lot alike to me.

Oy, I have to work on my list now. But let me just say, yum on the Jr. factor!

Rosalind said...

This looks like fun.. i'm still a dummy when it comes to posting internet pics on the blog but, i'll sure as hell try..Thanks Honey

Amy said...

Duck, Duck, GOOSE! You're it again for round 3 of tag! Go to my place to see!

Becky said...

I had no idea that Andersen Cooper was Gloria Vanderbilt's son.


That's amazing. And yeah, he's hot (gay or not).