Friday, February 8, 2008

I got CANDY!

Thanks C.! I've been in such a funk and I needed a little pick me up but didn't expect something so sweet:)

Of course the bad part is I am supposed to find just ONE of my dead baby mama's to pass it on to. Yikes. I count on ALL of you and read you all every day...especially on the days I feel I can't find the words to write what I feel. Cuz I know one of you will have them, sadly.

I think I will go with Christine and her Olive Lucy, because when I first read her early blogs she had so much positive, healing energy and she reminded me that the joy is still out there, I just have to look a little harder now.

But to everyone over there on my right side, you ladies are my rock, my rock candy:)

To take a sneak peek at who else has been nibbling on the sweet stuff, look here.


Xandra said...

Thanks for linking on my blog. I've enjoyed meeting so many new people through this award.


charmedgirl said...

i's so hard to pick one!!

YAY for candy!!

c. said...

You're welcome ;o)

Olive Lucy said...

OMG! i can't believe it! i have been away from my home for almost a week! and this is just so sweet to come home and find this. thank you. i will for sure pass this award on.

Grace said...

Great post! I love candy!