Thursday, March 20, 2008

Less than 3

Well how's that for something unexpected to wake up to! Becky over at Mommy wants Vodka, bestowed this lovely award on me, well not just me, but can't a girl feel special, and not the rides the small bus to school special, just for a bit??? Anyway, if you look at the award, the symbols make a sideways heart, so 'less than three' = I heart your blog! How cute is that I ask??

Okay so here is my acceptance speech, which, by the way, the award does not call for. But hey, it's my blog and, well you know, it's all about me, me, me. I am especially touched, not in any pervy way either, that this came from Becky, as she has the great fortune of NOT being a member of our dreaded dead baby club and yet she has been a great supporter of me and many other dead baby moms who write out here in Blogsville. It can't be a fun thing, to read our blogs, but she does it and she always leaves a comment, many times one that makes you smile and maybe even giggle a bit too. I less than three her blog too! If you haven't read it, you should mosey on over and take a peek cuz another great thing about "Aunt Becky", is she has OCD when it comes to blogging. You know what that means??? She posts every friggin day! Sometimes twice a day! I get all proud of myself if I get two up a week. I'm telling you, this lady rocks the blog-o-sphere. Oh and did I mention she's a firecracker? Bring your tissues cuz you'll be weeping and not from being sad, Aunt Becky gives good.... h....humor:) maybe other stuff too, but that's not any of my biz.

Okay so I am going to pass this bad boy on to some of my favs, but you all know I heart you, right? C.,, who I finally got to meet IRL, and is just the greatest thing ever, CLC, who just wrote and actually sent a kick ass letter to the folks over at a certain baby for.mul.a company who were sending her "Congratulations" on her new baby samples of for.mul.a and other wholly inappropriate um, correspondence. Way to go CLC! And to G., who just wrote a great post about women not getting it...but you can read it to see what she had to say, she gets it, in a big way!

So that's it with my self promotion for the day. I can't wait to see this little award on every one's blogs, I know we all less than 3 each other.


Becky said...

Awww. You're making ME blush, now.

Of course, I gave you an award, dude, even if I'm not a member of the Dead Baby Club, because I do heart you and the other mommas out there. I will give you a reason why I am supportive (other than being OCD about blogging and therefore commenting).

I am a former L/D nurse, who has assisted with a number of babies born still, and as a mother and a person, my heart still aches for all of these people.

And there's this weird thing about when bad things (really bad things) happen to people. I think I heard a grief therapist describe certain people as Gingerbread Men, where they disappear because they can't handle your grief.

I personally find this to be bullshit. Complete bullshit.

If anyone in the world can't handle grief, it should be the person who has had this bad thing happen to them. My blood is currently boiling just THINKING about it.

So maybe we're not completely alike, you and I, but maybe we're bonded together because we're both human beings. And people need people, right?

Isn't that a bad song? People who need people?

Before I overload your blog with the length of my comment, I just want to reiterate that I do less-than-three you!

Amy said...

Well I am glad you received such an awesome award! I think I will run over to Becky's blog and check her talk a pretty good talk!

Take care and yes, I think we all less than three everybody here!

c. said...

Awwww! Thanks, Kalakly. You're a peach (I never really understood that phrase, although I really love peaches. Can't be bad then, can it?). I less than three you, too. XO.

CLC said...

I feel so honored. I will have that award up there in no time! I less than three you too!

G said...

aww Kal, <3 you.

And Becky, wow, just wow. I have read your blog many times (mainly because I <3 vodka, truth be told). But your response here to Kal makes me all teary eyed, dammit. You're awesome and I think I <3 you now too.

Oh gawd, Kal, why so make me sweet when I try to be sour!

Amy said...

Hey there, I don't have your email or I would just email you this...

Thank you for checking in on me and for your support. Don't worry about not commenting lately...sometimes we just cannot get them all in! I do know that you think about me and are checking in, I hope you know that I do the same with you...I check in everyday!

Take care of yourself and I'll be peeking through the door for the next post! <3 Amy

Antigone said...

She posts every day?!? Is she a machine?

Julia said...

Well deserved. congrats!

And now I have to go read Becky. How can I not, after this comment?