Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brain Teaser

I saw this fun little contest and thought it was an interesting diversion. What 2-3-2 phrase do you have that sums up a life lesson? I am not offering a signed book or other fabulous prizes for your wit. Nope, just the opportunity to fire off some of those synapses and put the gray matter to use:)

Here's mine:

Laugh daily. Even a little. With friends.


Edited to add: Inspired by C & Coggy, feel free to play "dirty word" brain teaser too:) WTF right charmed girl????


Coggy said...

That's good.

Mine would be:

Drink wine. Always in moderation. But often.

I know you can give me an virtual slap for the rubbishness of that.

I'm going to be thinking about these all evening now.

c. said...

Move forward. Inch by inch. Each day.


Laugh often. Sing out loud. Love much.


Get up. Off your ass. Every day

Shall I continue?

c. said...

Life sucks. Deal with it. Keep going.

(Somebody please stop me.)

Coggy said...

I cry. A thousand tears. Every day.

I can't stop now either :o)

Keep calm. Do not panic. Carry on.

Dead baby. What the f*ck? Who knew?

Sorry I will stop now...

charmedgirl said...

Dead baby. What the f*ck? Who knew?

yeah, this one is great. love it!

Jennifer said...

Now I'll be thinking of these all day.

Dead Baby. Don't give up. Feel love.

What now. Another new member. More tears.

c. said...

What now? Who really knows. Just breathe.

Sweet C@llum. I miss you. Why us?

(Shit, Kalakly! I can't stop thinking in 7 word phrases.)

Wabi said...

Life's short.
Use the good

Ok, so technically it's two sentences, not three. But it's been my actual motto since I was 22 and inherited many, many boxes of pretty china that my mother never used because she felt they were "too nice" for our life. She kept saving them and saving them, and then she died at 56.

I've been dining in style every day since 1994.

kalakly said...

I think I scared away some of my blog readers...ooops. I loved reading everyones!!!

Don't stop. Write in three's. It's fun.

Fucking stillbirth. No fucking good. It sucks.

Wabi...Welcome. I can't find a blog for you, but I too eat in style, my grandma told me, Every day you live, is a day worth eating on your good china. Cheers:)