Friday, December 19, 2008

Comfort & Joy...?

As if any of us need reminding about the unfairness of life and the randomness of that evil bitch fate anyway...
I have posted here before about an incredible mom, Emilie, whose blog I follow quietly. She was diagnosed with cancer while she was in the early weeks of pregnancy with her second son. She braved surgery and treatment and beat the odds, delivering her beautiful, healthy son almost a year ago. The cancer then reoccurred and she has been fighting like a mother bear to save her own life and to spend as much time with her two children as possible.
Today, she posted this and I am heartbroken. For her, for her boys, for her husband and for her extended family and friends who have all been supporting her and helping her fight. It seems the time has come for her to stop fighting and to prepare for something no young mother should have to.
If you have a moment to stop by her blog and offer what ever support one can in an ungodly time such as this,please do. I can not wrap my tiny brain around this. I suppose because there is no way to understand it.
This is not the way it should be, for anyone.
What does that song say, 'comfort and joy'? Where is that now?


Cara said...

I hear you. I stopped over and just sat with tears streaming thinking how one faces having no choice but to never see their babies - their husband again.

I just pray that both her worlds - real life and internet - rally around her tenfold.

Tash said...

Wow. I'm . . . humbled. I'd been there previously, thank you for the update.

janis said...

This just makes me keel... and my heart breaks. What grace she exhibits; thank you for the heads up.

Sue said...

Thank you for letting us know.

No, this is not the way it should be. That phrase seems to echo in my head when I look around and see such loss, everywhere, it seems.

But she does have so much grace, and leaves a legacy of compassion, love, grace for her boys, her family, and everyone who knows her.

Michele said...

This really breaks my heart. My brother-in-law, whom I never got to know, braved cancer and died as a child, and, as we all know, it completely changed our family forever. I can only imagine what this brave woman and her family are going through. My prayers are with them.