Saturday, November 15, 2008


I live in hell. Seriously. Here are some snaps I took from my house this afternoon. I don't know what kind of national coverage our wildfires get but it's all we are hearing about here today. The city where I live is surrounded by not one, not two, but three burning out of control fires being fueled by wind and unlimited supplies of dry brush. The temperature here is in the high 80's to 90's. The relative humidity is about 4% or 5%. It's what we call a lovely fall day here in SoCal. I hate it. I want to move. Today.
In the second shot you can see the smoke from one fire at the top of the pic and then the smoke from the other fire at the bottom of the shot, we are hoping that the two fires don't meet up. The air quality is horrendous. There is falling ash the size of pennies and then debris being blown around by our not so beloved Santa Ana winds. Perfect for a pregnant woman. Needless to say I am house bound. Painting trim and breathing those fumes is actually refreshing compared to being outside.
Already homes have been lost, the count will only go up.

What a wonderful place to bring a baby home to.



Amy said...

Good Lord, I hope you come out of the fires alright! They are on the news here, but not as much as they are there!

You can always move here but then you'd have to endure the midworstern/plains weather of one day 70 and the next 30!

Tash said...

that second picture is actually really cool. Inferno notwithstanding.

CLC said...

I hope they don't meet up, and I hope your neighborhood remains safe. Hang in there!

Ya Chun said...

Um, are you still there today?

CA has some nice draws, like temperate weather all year, but the rest of it doesn't seem to add up -too crowded, expensive, polluted and inferno-ish.

stay out of the fumes!

Julia said...

I have seen these on the news, and they do not look like fun at all. I am sorry this is what surrounds you as you head for THE day.

Just wanted you to know I have been thinking of you, and I wish you as easy a day as is possible tomorrow, physically and mentally. And a joyous one in the end. (And your ambivalence is a-ok, btw. I could never imagine a live baby either. It is what it is, you know?)

Michele said...

I hope that your home continues to be safe! Prayers for you and your family!