Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh yeah, that's why I left you.

Just hearing about this travesty, so pardon me if I am behind the curve. After seeing it on the news and then reading about it, beyond all of the head smacking and genital bashing I would like to partake in at the moment, the only thing I can say is, boy do I feel good about my decision to walk away from that place.
My apologies to those of you who read here and are still members of that particular group. But it is actions such as these, piled on top of the YEARS of inaction and worse, deceptive actions in the molestation scandals, that have alienated so many, myself included, from them. Them being the powers that be, (yes, I am talking to you Mr. Pope and your cronies), that feel entitled to hold everyone, except themselves that is, up to some arbitrary, man made standards and laws, while calling it "the word of God" and then deciding whether or not one is worthy of worshiping with you. Hypocrites. Shame on you.
When I am done fuming I may write more about this. Right now I am far too angry to be constructive.


Tash said...

Yeah, I sadly caught wind of this somewhere that shall remain nameless (following up on some wingnut comments elsewhere) . . . and let's just say the person didn't really have your perspective.

It begs an awful lot of questions, doesn't it.

G$ said...

That poor girl. After all she has been through, now has to go through a media circus too.

I just can't fathom being part of such intolerance.

Michele said...

I was shocked by the Brazilian response, namely, because Canon laws stipulates that a procedure to save the mother that results in the death of the baby is permissible. (For example, a mother who takes chemo and the baby dies as a result). From my understanding, and I am not a doctor, the 9 year old could not physically give birth, even via a C-section, without grave risk. That being said, I am also not an expert on Canon Law. But I am a Catholic and I chair the pro-life committee at church. And we prayed for this family. The outrage was at the stepfather, not the child who had no control over either situation.

It's such an all around sad situation, and, on a public note, I think the Church leadership in Brazil isn't helping the situation. They should be trying to help that child not promote a soundbyte. But, that is my opinion. Sometimes, I feel like all I can really do is pray. And I do it daily.

Monique said...

Shocking, I guess I have been living under a rock.

Hope's Mama said...

Oh my god, I'm speechless.

loribeth said...

I heard about this. :(