Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Wait the elections are over right? Well, that silly thing about choosing the leader of the free world is, but this election is much more important. Okay, maybe not more important but at least equally, almost.
Mel is up for Best Medical Health Issue Blog award over at the Weblog Awards. Mel, the Stirrup Queen and host of Lost and Found and Bridges. She has done and continues to do so much for this community of loss, life and hope.
A vote for Mel brings us closer to real recognition outside of our quiet world here in dead baby land. It is a chance for people not struggling with our issues to take a real look at who we are and what we live with everyday. In short, voting for Mel puts a face on all of us. And lordy, we all need a face and a voice too.
And here's a beautiful thing: According to the always delightful Tash, we can vote once a day until 1/13/09! That's a lot of talking by the db mafia! So if your reader is low and your looking for a worthwhile way to spend a few seconds, go over and VOTE!!!

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Tash said...

Hee! Doesn't it feel kinda criminal in a bad-girl way to vote more than once? And vote on your husband's computer?