Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leprechaun Landing update

I finally talked to my doctor about the delivery date. I had my 'speech' all planned out with point by point reasons why the new due date wasn't going to work and what all of my issues were with this delay and why I should be considered ahead of 'routine' C-Sections etc., etc., and I practiced in my head on the drive all the way to the office. When my appointment came and he was done with all of the regular measuring and poking, he helped me sit up and I opened my mouth to begin my rationed, well thought out arguments and out came "I don't' want this baby to die, please change the delivery date to something sooner, please." I did manage to say it without crying, that's always a bonus. I hate crying in front of people, it's like laughing in church, if I start I can't stop and it, the crying, is always worse than it would have been if I had been alone.
Today, the water works stopped short of spilling over and just brimmed the eyes as I begged, much more sophisticated right?
Kind doctor stopped what he was doing, writing his forever noted in my chart, he writes EVERYTHING down, (my friend who referred him to me or me to him however you look at it, said if you told him you found a $10 bill he'd write it down so he could ask you about it at your next appt., I think she's right) and he explained to me why his hands were 'tied' by the hospital as far as due dates and scheduled C-Sections. I guess my hospital has strict guidelines, set by the neonatoligists (we have a renowned Children's Hospital attached to where I deliever) that dictates 39 weeks. My chosen dates put me according to their 'wheel of gestation' at 38 weeks 5 days and 6 days. He told me about the studies on babies born by scheduled C-Sections, which I have read, that indicate a higher percentage of lung issues and NICU stays with babies taken out too soon, i.e. before 39 weeks, especially where there has not been any labor. He also told me he absolutely understands my anxiety and why I would not want to wait any longer than I have to to deliver.
He is going to call the hospital himself, not his scheduling nurse to try and get the date moved based on my history and see if the neonatoligists will waive the guideline. If not he also suggested as an option,, I like options, that at 36 or 37 weeks we can do an amnio and check the leprechauns lungs for development/maturity and if they are ok, then we could deliver even earlier, like right at 38 weeks or sooner, if I choose to.
He's going to let me know. I'm good with that.
So far everything else is still good. I've had my twice a week stress tests and all looks ok with the wee one. Heart rate is steady and reactive, movement is good. The only wrinkle are the contractions I'm having but as of now they don't seem to be to worrisome. I just have to lie down if they start and they usually mellow out. For now anyway.
Thanks for all of the support and words of wisdom, they really do help.
Keep your fingers crossed for the safe arrival of my little leprechaun, we both need it.


Amy said...

Thinking of you!

G said...

Oh I hope he is able to get it moved. At the very least, at least he knows your anxiety (he wrote it down!)

xo to the leprechaun and you.

c. said...

Fingers crossed, hon. XO.

Aunt Becky said...

Totally crossed for you.

CLC said...

I am so glad he was willing to listen and then try on your behalf. Hopefully, he can make a good case. Crossing everything for you!

Ya Chun said...

glad your doc listens to you.
fingers crossed

Julia said...

I happen to know one of the authors of the key study on those respiratory complications (email me if you want more details, k?). I also happen to know that they hold data (awaiting publication) on neuro outcomes that do make it seem like 39 weeks really is the sweet spot.

At the same time, there is the anxiety. Oh, boy, the anxiety. My freaking alter ego the last (very long) while. There are also the numbers for stillbirth risk going up with gestational age. But anxiety is the huge one. It can be ameliorated, to some degree, by very close monitoring and very liberal policy for having you come in to be monitored outside of scheduled appointments (honestly, I thought they more or less expected to see me every day or just about, and every freaking time they told me to call for the tiniest twinge and to come in any time-- I would've gone entirely mad had they not been so supportive), but it's still not something that is easy to live with. So I say it is your call, yours and your doctor's. If you do go with on the earlier side, though, I would very strongly recommend not skipping the amnio for lung maturity step.

Now, about those contractions. Have you had anything like that with previous pregnancies? Cause if not, maybe we should talk in a bit more detail... mine this summer started out exactly that way-- annoying, but very manageable.

Reese said...

You are starting your descent....I am fastening my seat belt an putting up my ipod.

Waiting for the landing.....


Cindy said...

Keeping you and the leprechaun in my thoughts!

Coggy said...

I'm so glad that your OB was so understanding. I have every single thing crossed for you Kal.
I can not wait to see the post that you're going to be able to do in a few weeks time. I expect pictures, including you beaming. K x x Oh and I hope you're going to be wearing my Tshirt for the delivery ;o)